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The government of Coryell County welcomes and invites you to explore this website for a comprehensive guide to Elected Officials, County and District services, and general information about Coryell County. has been designed to provide information to the public for the multitude of government services provided in Coryell County.  This website is continually reviewed for enhancements to make your visit as productive as possible. 


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jury and court announcements

Jurors are summoned randomly and must be American citizens and residents of Coryell County. Please read your juror summons for information detailing special circumstances allowing exemption from jury duty.  If you are summoned for jury duty, please call the Jury Information Line (noted on your  summons) the evening before your scheduled service for a recorded juror message.  Occasionally, cases will settle before a scheduled jury trial and the recorded message will advise whether your appearance is necessary.  Jurors may park for free around the Courthouse.

Jury Update

District Court Jury for February 5, 2018 is cancelled, jurors need not report as directed.


Coryell County Public Notices

Notice to Bid

The objective in issuing this Notice of Call for Bids is to solicit bids from qualified companies that have the experience and capability to effectively complete the demolition project.Coryell County is requesting pro...

Coryell County Truth in Taxation Summary

The county is providing this table of property tax rate information as a service to the residents of the county. Each individual taxing unit is responsible for calculating the property tax rates listed in this table p...

Tax Abatement Program

Coryell County (the County) is committed to the promotion of high quality development in all parts of the County and to an ongoing improvement in the quality of life for its citizens. Insofar as these objectives are g...

Coryell County Debt Report

Coryell County Debt Report for FY 2016 has been published.  This debt report is required by the state for transparency and the county has adopted the Comptrollers suggested form for the report. This report will be pub...

Coryell County Roads Speed Limits

On 12 Dec 2016 Coryell County Commissioners' Court modified Speed Limits on specific Coryell County Roads. Click here to view the document and see if the county roads you travel are affected.

Coryell County Annual Operating Budget

Coryell County Approved Annual Operating Budget for FY 2018 has been published. This budget is posted for transparency and Coryell County publishes each proposed and approved budget each year, with several past years ...

Trustee Sales

Trustee sales are held the first Tuesday of every month at the time noted on the Trustee Notice. The sales are held at the north door of the Coryell County Courthouse. If you have questions about a property, please co...

Notices of Open Meetings

Here are the most recent Open Meeting Notices filed as public records with the County Clerk. Questions regarding open meetings should be directed to the organization sponsoring the open meeting.

Notices to Bid

Notices to bid for projects and additions / modifications to County buildings are available here.

Outdoor Burning

The Coryell County Order #2017-04 to restrict outdoor burning imposed on December 11, 2017 will remain in effect until sunset on February 26th when the Commissioners’ Court will reassess the risk of controlled burning...

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